Online Class Smartphone Safety & Secure Settings 2021

Now a days from school, college and university also teaching with online class due to with Covid-19 effect.
This time all students are using costly smartphone or Tables and Desktop computer. But some time in our smart phone showing unwanted ads, games or bad pictures appeared students smartphone. This are very sensitive effect his or her concentration on watching online class.

So how to stop this type of unwanted ads or picture or games in our smart phone. Its very simple one.
Iam showing you with my Moto smart phone settings to stop the above discuss problems and also our students very safely. Its very important to girl’s students, so all parents requested to set below given as per my instruction.

A. Got play store app
B. See top right corner icon
C. Touch this icon
D. Go to settings
E. Family
F. Then
G Parental control (First time it in Off condition)
H. Touch parent control (Set own password)
I. Now ON Parental control.

A. In parental page
B. Touch Apps and Games
C. Then Put password
D. Select rated age
E. Then save.

A. In parental page
B. Touch Movies
C. Select “U” option (Universal)
D. Then
E. Save
F. That’s all Done!!!

Your Girls students are safe from showing unwanted ads, games or bad pictures.
Seven Steps to use Mobile Phones Safely:
1. Avoid long conversation
2. Use headsets or speakerphone option
3. Keep mobile devices away from your body
4. Turn off Cellular data and Wi-Fi
4. Avoid calls at places with low signal reception
5. Fewer calls More Text
6. Use landline telephones
7. Keep cell phone away from children.

Video Tutorial:

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