LED,LCD TV Universal Main Board Panel Settings

This TV board is suitable for worldwide analog TV system PAL/NTST/SECAM ” which is compatible with LCD panel mainstream manufacturers,such as SAMSUNG,CMO,AU, LGP, SHARP, BOE etc. It can reappear real world image color and sound. main IC adopts MSTAR single chip TSUMV59XU-Z1 program.
1. Can compatible with three-in-one screw holes structure and dam board.
2. TV system support PAL+SECAM/NTSC system, optional full standard system.
3. Max supports FULL HD 1920X1080 resolution TFT-LCD screen.
4. Support 1=AV input 1=VGA interface”support 1920 X 1080 @ 60Hz input.
5. 1=high-definition digital multimedia port=HDMI, HDCP1.2 and DVI 1.0.
6. 1*USB”supports Audio,MP3″Video,AVI, MPEG1,image,JPEG,BMP,PNG,text file,TXT.
7. Dynamically adjust picture’s color , contrast ratio, definition and so on.
8. Brightness, chroma instantaneous improvement function, black / white level extensions function, color compensation function.
9. Supports control of treble or bass ,Stereo input.
10. Rating of Audio loudspeaker output is 2W*2(8ohm).
11. Automatically detect input video format.
Electrical Specifications:
The TSUMV59XUS is a highly integrated TV SoC solution for advanced analog television platform.  Integrating latest advanced technologies from Mstar Semiconductor, the world leading TV SoC provider in TV industry, TSUMV59XUS provides the most cost-efficient solution for multimedia TV application with creative and attractive features exclusively presented.
USB Updating Firmware.
Step 1: Empty the U disk.
Step 2: Copy the corresponding resolution program (*. Bin file) with the TXT file to U disk.
Step 3: Connect the U disk and TV Mainboard Via USB Interface.
Step 4: Connect the Keyboard and TV Mainboard.
Step 5: Connect power supply, check keyboard light. If light flashes, means firmware is being written; until light turns to Green, work is done.
(If light is not flashing, please cut off the power supply, then reconnect the USB, then connect the power supply again).
(Note: *During Step 5, the power supply can’t be paused* The same firmware can only be burned once time) After all done, use the remote control to turn on the tv (after burning the firmware, the mainbaord is on standby, the remote can wake up the tv)
1. Press Menu ,then the LCD will have menu on the screen,
2. Press the number keys 8,8,9,6 ,a menu appears on the screen ,
3. Select SYSTEM SETTING and enter,
4. Select Panel Setting ,tone 1,2,3,4 .. . . . . . . After the the screen is ok, press ESC ,Done
Factory Settings:
1. Menu–remote control press 8896–factory setting
2. Screen Specification Adjustment: Factory setting–Use the right key to choose–MAP data (LVDS MAP DATA has 16 items totally, it is enough for most of the screen)
Step 1: Put your logo into the U disk.
Step 2: connect your U disk with main board.
Step 3: Find your logo in Multi-media File.
Step 4: Select your logo.
Step 5: Press No.”6 ” on remote control to change to full screen play,then press “ok” on the remote control, on the bottom of the option items, there is a ” catch”, choose it.Done.
Mirror Function Setup
1. Press: Menu +8896.
2. Enter into: Factory Setting.
3. Enter into: Panel Control.
4. Select: Mirror on /Off.
No need update firmware, just Jumper selecting Panel resolution from the below table.
LED,LCD Software Download Link:
Download main board Full detailed pdf here.HDVX9 as V59 V4_1 Specification

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