LCD & LED Service Menu Code – Latest Models

LED & LCD Service Menu Code Details

The service menu codes for Universa LED TVs may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Service menus are generally intended for use by qualified technicians and can have a significant impact on the TV’s functionality if not used correctly.

If you’re looking to access the service menu for specific purposes such as calibration or troubleshooting, I would strongly recommend reaching out to the manufacturer’s customer support or a professional technician who can assist you properly.

Generally LED LCD TV Service mode hidden by the manufacturer so that the user may not change any internal advanced setting in your tv. You can change internal advanced settings in your LED LCD TV using the service mode of your LED TV.


CV110-AL Input 2580

CV56XH-U50 Input 208

CV56XH-U42 Input 208

CV56XH-U32 Input 208

CV56BH-Q42 Input 2580

CV56BH-Q32 Input 2580

CV56BH-Q28 Input 2580

CV309H-X Source 2580

CV181 L-Y Input 2580

CV182L-B Input 2580

CVMV26L-A-20 Input 2580

CV56BL-Y24 Source/Input 2580

CV56BL-Q24 Source/Input 2580

CV56BL-L Source/Input 2580

CV950H-A42 Source2580

CV628H-B42 Menu 1147

CV628H-T42 Menu 1147

CV338H-A32 Menu 1147

CV338H-A42 Menu1147

CV338H-A50 Menu 2580

CV56BH.Q42 Input 2580

CVMV26L-A-20 Input 2580

DP.V53RL.8136 Menu 1147

DP.V53RU.8136 Menu 1147

JUG7.820.531-3 Input 3138

LAD.MV59S.G Menu 7710

LAD.MV9.P Menu 1147

LAD.MV9R Menu 7710

LAD.MV59S.G Menu 7710

LAD.MV59S.Q Menu 7710

LAD.MV59S.I Menu 7710

LAD.MV56U.C36 Menu 1147

LAD.MV56U.B48 Menu 1147

LAD.MV56U.A75 Menu 1147

LAD.MV56U.A48 Menu 1147

LAD.MV56U.A36 Menu 1147

MSD338ST V5.0 Source 2580

P75-2841V6.0 Input 2008

SP36821.2 Input/Source 815

SP36811.2 Input/Source 815


SP208ESA HK-7050-V2.08-E Menu 7050

SKR.819 Menu 1147

SKR.816 Menu 1147

SKR.801 Menu 1147

SKR.03 Menu 1147

TP.VST59S.81 Menu 1147

TP.VST59.PB819 Menu 2008

TP.VST59S.PA501 Menu+Audio+8532

T.MS18VG.71A Menu 1147

T.MS.18VG.81B Menu 1147

T.MT8223.3B Menu 1147

TP.VST59.P83 Menu 1147

T.VST59S.73 Menu 1147

T.VST59.62 Menu 1147

T.VST.29.61C Menu 1147

T.VST59.A5 Menu1147

T.MS18VG.72 Menu1147

T5964.81 Menu 1147

T.VST59.031 .A81 A8 Menu 1147

T.V56.03 Menu 1147

T.VST29.03 Menu 1147

TP.V56C.PA673 Menu 1147

TP.VST59.P86 Menu 8893/ Menu 1147

TP.VST59.P63 Menu 1147

T.R83.816 Menu 1147

T.VST59.031 Menu 1147

T56J.11.2 Menu 1147

TR.85.03 Menu 1147

T.R83.031 Menu 1147

T.MS608.81 Source 2580

T.MS608.61 Source 2580

TP.V56.PB826 Source 2580/ Menu 1147

TP.R69 PD64 Menu 1147

TP.RT2982.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.RT2982.PC821 Menu 1147/2580

TP.RT2984T.PC821 Menu 1147/2580

TP.VST59S.PB716 Menu 1147

TP.VST59S.PB802 Menu 1147

TP.VST59S.PC1 Menu 1147

TP.V56C.PB818 Menu 1147

TP.RD8503.PA671 Menu 1147

TP.RD8503.PB819 Menu 1147

TP.RD8503.PB824 Menu 1147

TP.RD8501.568 Menu 1147

TP.VST9.P75 Menu 1147

TP.MT5507.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.MT5507.PC821 Menu 1147

TP.MT5505.PC801 Menu 1147

TP.MS628 PD65 Menu 1147/2580

TP.MS628.PB831 Menu 1147

TP.MS628.PB803 Menu 1147/2580

TP.MS628.PC821 Menu 1147/2580

TP.MS608.P82 Source/Input 1147

TP.MS608.P83 Menu 1147

TP.MS608.PB831 Menu 1147

TP.MS358.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PB818 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PB802 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.P818 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PB822 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PC821 Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.HV530.PC821 Sorce 2580

TP.HV510.PC821 Source 2580

TP.HV320.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.HV310.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.MS608.P82 Input/Source 147

TP.VST59.PB819 Menu 2008

TP.MS1306.PB772 Menu,Picture,Contrast,9735 /1950

T.MS18VG.71A Menu 1147

T.MS.18VG.81B Menu 1147

T.MT8223.3B Menu 1147

TP.VST59.P83 Menu 1147

T.VST59S.73 Menu 1147

T.VST59.62 Menu 1147

T.VST.29.61C Menu1147

T.VST59.A5 Menu 1147

T.MS18VG.72 Menu 1147

T.VST29.61C Menu 1147

TP.MS338.PC821 Menu 1147

T5964.81 Menu 1147

T.VST29.03 Menu 1147

T56J.11.2 Menu 1147,

Input 0000,Input2580,


T.V56.03 Menu 1147

TR.85.03 Menu 1147


TP.HV320.PB801 Menu 1147

TP.VST59S.PB813 Menu 1147

T.R85.031 Menu 1147

T.R83.031 Menu 1147

T.VST59.031 Menu 1147

VS.T53U21.2 Input/Source 2580

VS.TP56L62.2 Menu 1147

VS.TP53U71.2 Input 208/815

VS.TP53U73.2 Input 208/815

VS.TP53U61.2 Input 208/2580

VS.SP33811.2 Input/Source 208

ZP.VST6A338.PB818 S ource 2580

Unauthorized access to the service menu and making changes without proper knowledge can potentially lead to damaging your TV or voiding the warranty. Always exercise caution and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when dealing with service menus or advanced settings on your electronic devices.


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