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Indian Caller Info Application best alternative to TrueCaller ID for Indian Users
                There are lots and lots of productivity apps in the play store in which I have provide the an alternative app for True caller ID. In this article we are going to see about an app which is an alternative for the famous True caller ID application but this app only for Indian Users. This app also has STD codes and much more features which we are going to see in the article below. This works for me fine in my Galaxy Trend smartphone powered by Android Jelly Bean OS.
indian caller info
Just a drag the menu from the left side on the screen a lots of option will be shown. Like STD codes, ISD Codes, caller info settings, voice settings,block calls and much more in the settings tab. When you open the application from the menu in your smartphone then a menu will be open shows the cal logs with network operator and country and much more statistics with your phone number like missed calls and much more as like in this screenshot.


In the STD codes tab you can able to search all the districts so you can able to call the land line numbers smoothly. Not only STD also ISD codes are also available with this application. This app is like a dead weight telephone directory book in your hand.

indian caller id

You can also enable caller info for the incoming or outgoing unknown numbers in the corner of the dialing screen of your phone. This notification also can setup for your outgoing or incoming SMS or MMS messages. This options are available int the Caller Info Settings in the settings tab. In the voice settings options available for Speak Caller Number, so you can able to hear the name of the incoming call instead of using normal default calling sound. You can also this speak the name of the call repeat so you can able to understand easily. You can also change the speech rate and pitch and then hear the test sound and if you feel uncomfortable then adjust the settings.

You can also change the layout for this application in the theme settings like background, font sizes, hide operator logo and show the operator logo in the dialing screen in your smartphone. Do you feel angry when call from your operator for say the best talk time offers. You can also block it with this using application in your android smartphone. The app developer says that more blocking action will be added in the future.

In the search number option, you asked to type the unknown number. After typing the number it will show the which state belongs to and also about the operator and either the number is mobile or telephone. Most of us know it, whether the number is mobile or telephone. But the app shows the information for the typed numbers. Enjoy with this app but remember this app only for works best for Indian users.

Download Indian Caller Info App from Play Store. Install and enjoy using this application. If you have any doubts about this application then leave a comment here. Stay here for more updates!
indian caller info
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