Turn your android Phone into Mouse or keyboard

Android Operating system is a amazing flat form and able to turn our smartphone into any type of gadgets. Don’t know how to use your android phone as a wireless keyboard or mouse for your PC. Then you are in the right place. The application needed for this purpose is AndroMouse lite. This is an application developed by Andromouse team. This app enables your smartphone as a keyboard or mouse for your PC. For using this app with your PC or Laptop, your PC must have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity options.

 app for keyboard


  •  Easy to connect to your PC via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  •  Easy to control and sensitivity is awesome for this app.
  •  Tap to click option is also available.
  •  You can protect your sever by a password.
  •  Having special keys like in your keyboard.
  •  You can also turn your smartphone as a presentation remote.
  •  You can use your android phone as a mic for Speak to Type option.
  •  This app also has Num Pad with Multi-function keys as like in your PC. 
  •  This also has windows media player controls like Play, pause, stop etc,. (For Windows Users Only)
  •  Screen timeout options are also available.
  •  Limited options are available for Mac and Linux users with this app.

 Download AndroMouse lite from PlayStore

How to make a connection between your PC and your android phone?

  • Download the app from the above link.
  • Then you have to create a server in your PC, for this purpose the app makers made this task very simple. Just download this AndroMouse server in your PC. You need to install java software in your PC, because this server is made on this flat form. Download Java For PC this is a free version software . 
  • Then install java software in your PC and then open the downloaded andromouse desktop server in your PC.


  • It must show Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device name in your PC. If this program doesn’t anything, then your PC have no connectivity features. You can also buy a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth dongle from any nearby store and then insert. It will work, because I am using Bluetooth dongle in my Laptop.
  • Then open the app installed in your android smartphone. Click your desire connectivity either bluetooth or wi-fi.
  • Then search for your PC name and the app will show the device is connected.

android (2)

  • Then enjoy by siting far away from PC and control your PC by using this utility app for android.

If you face any issues while connecting or any other doubts for using this app just leave a comment. Stay here for more interesting updates about android. 

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