How to Upgrade Firmware on Hikvision DVR or NVR

How to Upgrade Firmware on Hikvision DVR or NVR: Hikvision regularly updates the firmware in our products to resolve potential issues and keep your system running smoothly. Below, you can find guidance on how to update your system accordingly.
First of all, you need a full video recorder’s serial number or a factory marking, and note that this instruction is applicable to every Hikvision NVR and DVR, regardless of their class and features. You can locate yours on the video recorder’s box, on the information plate on the device body, and you can also locate that serial number in Hikvision PC tools, used to work with the appliance: IVMS-4200, SADP tool and also directly on a web interface of the device.

Upgrading Hikvision DVR/NVR Firmware:
To upgrade the firmware of a Hikvision DVR or NVR, please follow the steps below:
1. Insert a USB flash drive into the computer’s USB port (Please note that the USB flash drive does not need to be empty; it may contain other files and documents).

2. Locate the appropriate firmware by clicking this link

3. Click on the firmware, then click download.

4. Agree to the license terms and conditions when prompted.

5. Locate the downloaded firmware file (this typically will be in the default download folder, unless prompted for a download location, then choose Desktop) and extract it by right-clicking on the file and selecting extract all or unzip. When prompted for an extract location, choose the USB flash drive (typically labeled by letters E, F and so on) to extract the final file to. A file labeled DIGICAP will appear in the USB flash drive.

6. After the firmware has been extracted (unzipped), remove the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into one of the available USB ports on the DVR/NVR unit.

7. On the DVR/NVR, go to the Main Menu, and then go to Maintenance.

8. From the sub-menus on the left click Upgrade. This will display the content of the USB flash drive.

9. Choose the DIGICAP file and press Upgrade.

10. An information window will pop up prompting that the unit will reboot after the upgrade is complete. Click YES.

11. To verify that the firmware has been upgraded, after the DVR/NVR is rebooted, go to the Main Menu, and then go to System Information. The current firmware version will be displayed.

If you need further assistance with changing passwords, technical bulletins, or related downloads, please contact Hikvision support via below given email link.

INDIA Technical Support: [email protected] (email).
Canada Technical Support: [email protected]
USA Technical Support: [email protected]

Important Short Notes.
1. Go to Website:
2. Click Support then Firmware.
3. Select Your DVR Serial Number.
4. Then Download
5. After Download Extract Zip File
6. Then Copy to USB Drive
7. Then insert USB Drive to your DVR via USB port
8. Open DVR with your password
9. Click Maintenance after click Upgrade
10. Your can show your USB,
11. Select Extracted Firmware like file labeled DIGICAP
12. Then Install and rebooted.
13. Now Your DVR Firm were Updated.
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