Hikvision recording with cloud on One Drive:
How to setup Hikvision DVR (NVR, IP camera) for Microsoft One Drive recording. You can upload from your Hikvision DVR or IP camera not just footage, but photo snapshots as well. You can have your Hikvision recording the videos locally and in the cloud at the same time. This ensures you can have a backup just in case something bad happens to your recorder (such as stolen or damaged).

If you want to record on the cloud using the below given method.
1. Google Drive
2. DropBox,
3. Dropbox

How to set up Hikvision cloud recording: Google Drive
How to set up Hikvision cloud recording: Dropbox

The DVR and the computer are connected to the router which is connected to the Internet where the Microsoft One Drive server is located. Make sure your system is working before starting the cloud recording setup.
Hikvision could recording on Microsoft One Drive
Important: The instructions are the same for Hikvision IP camera, DVR or NVR.

Step 1. Type your recorder’s local IP address and log into your Hikvision DVR via web browser. Use Internet Explorer.

Step 2. Go to the Configuration > Storage > Storage Management > Cloud storage. Choose Cloud Type and click Get.

Step 3. After clicking the Get button, the web page will redirect to Microsoft OneDrive login screen. You need to sign in with your OneDrive account (if you don’t have one, you can create one for free).

Step 4. After signing into your account, it will show the message as seen below. Click Ok and copy the code from the address bar as pictured below.

Step 5. Enter (paste) the code in the Authorization Code box and save the settings. After this the online connection is set up between your recorder and OneDrive (the Status should say “online”).

Step 6. Tick the Enable Event Upload. By enabling this the recorder will start to upload any event recordings or snapshot to the cloud.

Step 7. Configure the Schedule Settings and choose the stream type as sub stream or dual stream in Advanced Settings. Basically here we will tell the recorder to record on Event

Step 8. Set the corresponding event and the Linkage Method tick the Upload Pictures to Cloud.

Step 9. When the event mode is triggered, the videos or pictures will be uploaded to your cloud storage, in the snapshot folder.

Your analog A01  Camera videos or pictures stored in the folder.

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