How to hide multimedia files in android smartphone?

                      Do you have any secret files which are not like to show anyone? Then you are in the right place. There is an applications which gives positive results for this purpose. The name of this app is “Audio Manager” and has audio symbol in the main menu. Other think that, it just an controls for increasing or decreasing volume for certain operations. But we only know it is an app and has ability to hide files like videos, images, documents even apps also. The hiding options for messages are coming soon. I will show you how to work this app and save your secret files from not showing to anyone else.

hide photos


  • Able to hide videos and images from the android gallery in the main menu.
  • No need to root your smartphone.
  • Easy to hide and unhide the files.
  • Able to hide applications, browser history, notes etc,.
  • Able to lock the applications too.
  • For entering the menu which has your hidden files, Password protection is available.
  • Fake password option is also available. This means there are two passwords for one entering the main hidden menu, if you have enabled fake password this will also open the same menu but with empty folders. This is for extra protection for giving a fake password to your friend or any one else and protect your files. 
  • Options for searching your missing files.
  • Lock on screen off option is also available.
  • Just a free app from play store!

How to use this application for hiding your secret files?

  • First of all download this app from playstore. Click here
  • Then install this app in your phone memory or anywhere else depending on your memory available.
  • Then open the “Audio Manager” application in the app menu in your smartphone.
  • For first time, it show the tutorial in your app. 
  • It will ask you to click and hold the Audio Manager Logo as like in this screenshot.

 hide it pro

  • The type your desired password for your entering your menu.
  • Then you will see options for hiding images, videos, messages, browser, applications, notes, documents etc,.
  • Click anyone options and the app will show the tutorial for how to add files there. 
  • For enabling fake password as I like explain before, click on the settings and then enter Login settings and you will see Fake password as like in this screenshot and enter your desired password.

 hide files

  • After adding files, then exit the app. Again open the app, now the tutorial which has shown by app is not showing from now onwards. Now click and hold the Logo and enter your pin and then hide or unhide your files.
  • Then enjoy this app!

          If you like this app, after reading this article. The what are you waiting for, install this app and enjoy! Share this post to your friends via facebook, twitter. Stay here for more interesting apps for android!

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