The main objective of this work is to control a Vehicle with gestures of our hand. There are two main components that are used in the system, an Arduino microcontroller and an accelerometer.

The accelerometer depends upon the gestures of our hand. Through accelerometer, a passage of data signal is received and it is processed with the help of arduino microcontroller.

The microcontroller gives command to the Vehicle to move in the desired direction. Accelerometer-based gesture control is studied as a supplementary or an alternative interaction modality.

Gesture commands freely trainable by the user can be used for controlling external devices with handheld wireless sensor unit.

Gesture commands were found to be natural, especially for commands with spatial association in design environment control. The work consists of the integration of three technologies as wireless, gesture & embedded.

MPU6050 to sense the orientation of the wrist and transmits it to the arduino in digital value. The value range is from -32768 to +32767 for each axis.

Module based on the NRF24L01 chip having two-way communication on the 2.4GHz band. The circuit board has a built-in antenna.

The module communicates with microcontrollers via SPI reference. The range of such a module in the theory is up to 100 meters. In addition, you can control the power of the transmitter to reduce power consumption.

The motors are controlled by the L298N module powered by 6v batteries.

Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Spy Camera: Proteus Coming Soon

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