Get Calls, Messages, Battery Level, Voicemail Notifications from android to Desktop Via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,IP Using Android Notifier

Hai, My friends! Are you want to stay with your android phone all time? What to do when an important call comes but you don’t know about it while working in your PC? What to do when phone rings in silent mode? For all of these questions there is an simple answer. That there is application available for free in play store, which delivers all kinds of phone calls,messages,voice mail etc,. We are talking about the open source tool called as Android-Notifier which was developed to transfer events between your android to desktop via bluetooth,wi-fi,IP etc,.

android notifier

Android Notifier is a free tool which is available to download from the internet and you also need to install android notifier application for creating a server in which creates a connection by bluetooth,Wi-Fi,IP ,USB (Under Building). First of all download the following items to your PC and android mobiles.

Stuff needed for Your PC or Laptop:

Stuff need for your android smartphone : Download Android Notifier from play store

Features of android notifier:

  • Enables connection by bluetooth, Wi-Fi or IP address.


  • Events like ringing, messages etc, will be sent by consuming less battery source.


  • Consumes less battery during not sending any notification to desktop.
  • Doesn’t affect the battery life while running.
  • Encrypt the notification by setting a password by which malicious users may be able to intercept them or forge them.

How to forward notification from android to desktop by using android notifier?

  • First of install android notifier in both PC and android smartphone.
  • Then open the android notifier which is present in notification area in your desktop.
  • Then open the android notifier in your android phone.
  • Then click “Send Test Notification” and the you will see like in this screenshot. This shows that connection is established.

android notifier for windows

  • Now if your phone ringing then a notification will be displayed like this.

event notifier

a n for win

That’s all you will be stay close with your android phone for every notification or even like download completes. Try this software for yourself and then you will feel what I am feeling with this software. Leave your thoughts and any issues while installing this tools via comments. I will try best to give you the working solutions. Stay here for interesting android tools.

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