MotoGp is a cool racing game for those who loving the Bike Racing. Because it gives us a chance to play with the top real racers in this game track. This game also has the profiles and the same bike which are using by them in real race. I like to you download this game and install it and enjoy the game.

Game controls

Menu keys:

  • Cursor keys – change selection
  • Space or Enter – select
  • Esc – go back
  • Tab – special functions (see bottom of screen)
  • Delete – delete a custom rider or player profile
  • C – copy layer in the logo editor
  • V – paste layer in the logo editor
  • Numeric keypad 2/4/6/8 – rotate and zoom bike models

Game keys:

  • Left – steer and lean the bike to the left
  • Right – steer and lean the bike to the right
  • Up – accelerate
  • Down – apply front and rear brakes evenly
  • D – lean the rider forward on the bike
  • C – lean the rider back on the bike
  • X – apply the front brake
  • Z – apply the rear brake
  • Q – glance behind you
  • W – change the camera view
  • Esc – pause the game

Tip 1: Lean forward for greater speed and stability on straights. Lean back to slow down and perform wheeles.

Tip 2: Power slide around corners by double-tapping the accelerator. This will cause the rear wheel to spin and allow you drift the rear end of the bike.

Tip 3: Applying the rear brake (Z) allows the rider to skid the rear end of their bike.


Download Moto GP 2 full version (

This is a ZIP file so extract it and play the game. If you face any issue while playing or extracting let me know via comments!

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