Remove Speed Limiter in Euro Truck Simulator 2:-
Euro Truck simulator is a neat and addictive PC game. In this game you are able to feel situations what a real truck driver faces in the real life. In this game you are driving a truck using keyboard in case of PC or joystick as you wish. Are a ETS fan? Do you want to remove speed limiter in your truck? Then follow the instructions to go more than 150 kmph speed.

                   Before that I would like to give my thoughts about this game here. This also support Joystick for handling the truck. At the beginning in this game you will be work as driver for different truck which are find in the Job slot. After reaching a certain level you will be able to buy a truck. By gaining points you will be to raise the level in this game. In this game Bank is also available. You can able to get a loan and buy a truck or even upgrade your truck or garage. In this game, after certain you can able to buy high speed truck with advanced upgrades like 550 HP Engine. If you upgrade your garage, you can able to hire some drivers for your trucks in the grage and gain lot of money. This is the best and easy to earn money in this game. Find most expert driver in the recruitment agency. Man, Benz, Volvo,Renault etc., are the truck company available in this game. I prefer Man and Renault truck are the best trucks for handling and Scania for performance. In this garage lots of options are available for upgrading your truck to give a cute look. This is my truck Renault which is having 550 HP engine and able to go 150 kmph speed.

                   I am also very addictive fan of this Euro Truck Simulator game. I search in the internet for going more speed even to chase down the cars in this game. Then I found a official Mod which drives my truck to very high speed even upto 140 kmph. Now let’s see how to remove the speed limiter in Ets 2 of different versions.

Download Link:-

Download Speed Limit Remover Mod (Google Drive Link)

How to install this Mod?

  • Download the Mod from the above link. Then save in your desktop. It will be in .rar format so use Winrar or Winzip or 7Zip software to extract the Mod from it.
  • Then paste or extract the Mod here C>Users>> My Documents >> Euro Truck Simulator 2 >> Mod.
  • Now launch the game, in the profile settings click “Edit” a new window opens. In that side bar shows a Mod click on that and click “Apply”.

ets 2

  • Now play the game. Enjoy driving the truck more speed!


ets 2


Features Of Mod:-

  • Removes the Speed limiter in this game. So you can able to drive the truck to what speed you want. Be careful in sharp turns don’t go overspeed because it will cause tilt of you truck.
  • Warns with a beep sound when you come near Speed cameras.
  • Supports for most version of Euro Truck simulators.
  • This is a Official mod so no problem for your laptop.

That’s all enjoy. Share this article to help your friends also. Stay here for more updates about PC games. If you have any doubts about this article then leave it in our comment service.

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