ES File Manager – Best and Fast Alternative to Default Android File Manager:

Tired of using many android application for getting direct access for android system hidden and your external card files in your smartphone? Now you are in the right place to know about it. The best and fast android file manager is ES File Explorer Application. Normally all ES team developed apps are always awesome. I used this application in my Galaxy Tend Duos powered by Jelly Bean OS smartphone. I have also add with this article about cute features of this awesome file explorer app for android smartphone. 

es file manager
This application works on almost all of the android smartphones. This app runs on smartphones has Android v2.2+ OS versions. The team developers of this application has a different version for Cupcake and other below versions. The language support english, russian, Japanese etc,.

This application has a cute look which supports all the device files. This app also has shortcuts to cloud network, download manager, App manager, SD card Analyst, Recycle Bin which can be done by dragging the screen from the left side corner.

es file manager (2)

In the app manager settings, has options for User Apps,System Apps, Installed apps on Phone and SD Card, Backup Apps and options for All APK files for the installed application which can be sent to other phone by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In all APK files tab, long press the desired app for sharing to other android Smartphone and then click option and then click Share and then share the apk file as like as ordinary bluetooth sharing. In addition to this if your phone has root access you can uninstall apk automatically. You can also backup the app before uninstall.


         The download manager is used to download the files which is available in the internet and can be paused and resumed in desired time. In remote manager, you can able to manage the android phone from PC by Wi-Fi mode. In the net manager, you can able to create a hotspot network or can able to join another created network hotspot. Recycle Bin is enabled and then it will be act like a store room and can store all the deleted files from the phone or external memory.
       Gesture can be used to control the action like opening folder, exit the app,refresh, open fast settings etc,. For creating a Gesture control Goto Gesture in the left side menu and click Add a new gesture and save it. Now try it by clicking the dot in the home screen of this app. Themes are also available for this app in play store download it and add stylish look to your smartphone. 

es file explorer

Download Link From Play store

Download and install this app in your android phone. Leave your feedback about this application via comments in our website. Stay here for more updates about android applications!

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