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Yesterday I was in a hunt in play store to found a handy application for flash light and many screen options. I found this application, DISCO LIGHT. This app also an alternative for tiny flash light application. It also many additional features when compared to tiny flash light app. I like to share my experience with this app in my Trend with you!

disco light app for android


  • It has options for changing the sensitivity of screen and changing light speeds.
  • Easy to switch between light options.
  • Police siren with light and sound is available.
  • Party lights are easy to edit and nice to watch.
  • Srobe light are also available with this app.
  • Flash light option is very attractive features of this app.
  • You can also switch to camera while clicking the camera icon.
  • Also full screen mode is available with this app.
  • Shake the phone while in “Shake It” mode for changing different colors.
  • In microphone mode, speak loudly and the app will give you nice effects for your frequency.
  • De-merits of this is having Ads.

Download : Disco Light App download from play Store

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