DC Motor Driver with PWM Control
Description of DC Motor Driver:
MX1508 DC Motor Driver is a low-cost motor driver module that can control DC stepper motors of current rating up to 2A. The MX1508 IC has an integrated two H-channel drive circuits designed with N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs which are suitable to control motors for toy cars and other applications. The module also has a built-in thermal protection circuit and a common conduction circuit which helps in preventing malfunction of the motor if the input pins are left floating.

Features and Specifications of MX1508 DC Motor Driver:
1. Module supply Voltage: 2-10V DC.
2. Voltage output: 1.8-7V DC.
3. Operating Current: 1.5A.
4. Peak current:2A.
5. Low standby current (less than 0.1uA).
6. Integrated H-bridge driver circuit.
7. Low quiescent operating current.
8. Module has inbuilt capacitors ad flyback diodes to tackle reverse EMF voltage spike.
9. Dual H-bridge motor driver.

Alternatives for DC Motor Driver:
1. L298N.
2. L293D.
3. MX1508

Pin Configuration of MX1508 DC Motor Driver:
The module consists of several pins, 2 of which are for powering up the module, 2 of which are for connecting 2 motors that are to be controlled, and 4 Input pins to provide control signal output which is to be connected to a microcontroller. The table below shows the pin types and functions of each pin.

S.N Pin Type  Pin Function
1 + Voltage Power Supply
2 – Ground Ground
3 Motor A Motor A connect pins
4 Motor B Motor B connect pins
5 IN 1  Control Signal input 1 (Motor A)
6 IN 2 IN 2 Control Signal input 2 (Motor A)
7 IN 3 Control Signal input 3 (Motor B)
8 IN 4 Control Signal input 4 (Motor B)

DC Motor Driver with a Microcontroller:
The connections of the MX1508 DC Motor Driver module to a microcontroller can be done pretty easily. Since motors consume higher amounts of current, it is always advised to use a battery source instead of the controller’s power supply.

A battery’s positive and negative terminals are connected to the + and – terminal of the motor driver module. The four IN pins can be connected to the PWM signal pins of the microcontroller, which will generate a signal to vary the speed of the motor. The motor A and Motor B pins on the motor driver modules can be used to connect the motors which are to be controlled. All the connections can be easily made by following the image shown above.
Note: IN1, IN2 pins controls motor A and IN3, IN4 pins control motor B.

Applications of MX1508 DC Motor Driver:
1. Used to drive high current LED’s.
2. Can be used to drive both DC and stepper motors.
3. Used as relay driver module.

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