Candy Crush Saga becomes top in play store

Candy Crush Saga becomes top trending in play store  

     A day before I installed Candy Crush Saga in my Galaxy Trend powered by android Jelly Bean OS. This game is very interesting and a addictive game for android users. This game was developed by Candy Crush Saga is surely representing the game is fully of delicious candies. Select the same candies and finish the levels.

candy crush saga from play storeFeatures:

  • Unlimited share scores in facebook like Subway Surfers.
  • Easy to play the game and high quality graphics is available.
  • More than 500 levels are available in this game.
  • The level increases like a business game board.
  • Special boosters are available to score more.
  • Loading of the game is fast.
  • Sound of candy crush is awesome.
  •  Reaches more than 500m installers including me.

candy crush saga

       This game really attracted me and this game is also favorite for friends to. I hope you like this game also. If you don’t tried this game, then click the link and install the game. Then you will feel the experience with this game. 

Download link from play store

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