UC Browser introduce FB Faster Plugin
                    With android mobile in your hand you can stay with social network easily. I am using Samsung Galaxy trend, a smartphone with nice specification. I am a Facebook lover and used to stay with Facebook app always. But the official Facebook app from the Google play  store works slow in my device.
                    First I think that there is a bug in this application. But later came to know that, the official works smoothly in a high end and also requires powerful hardware for it. My trend mobile has only 50 MB RAM free space. So I searched many articles from internet and came to know that UC Browser has the best FB experience from all the users. So I installed it and then after the last update from the app, comes with a installed FB faster plugin. After enabling it, I can able to surf Facebook faster than in my PC. I think you also facing problems like this, then install UC Browser and free memory for other application.


Features Of FB Faster Plugin:-

  • Works faster and smooth in 2G netowrk.
  • Comes within UC Browser so no need to install another application.
  • Load pictures very fast.
  • You can also chat using this plugin.
  • Adding photos in your timeline is very easy and also faster.
  • Different tabs are available like profile, notification, home, friends, pages.
  • You have to open UC Browser for getting updates from others, won’t work like official FB application.
  • Managing your pages also available in this.
  • Posting a status is very easy.
  • You can able to see other timeline and can also post there.

Just install UC Browser and enable the FB Faster plugin in the tab of the browser as like in the below screenshot,

Install UC Browser From Play Store

You can surf twitter with this UC Browser easily and smoothly. So what are you waiting for install this NO.1 browser application and stay with social network faster than ever using your android mobiles. Share this application with your friends and help them to know it also. Stay here by following us on Facebook or Twitter. Stay here for more updates!

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