Best android apps for Facebook Users

Download the Best application for Facebook Social Network
Today most of the people gets stick to the social networks for chat with their friends and other important persons. If you have an android smartphone in your hand then access the Facebook is much easier. Android application can be download and installed from the google play store. In this way, there are also many application for facebook also. Some of the best and fastest application for facebook is listed here for getting idea about it. Now let’s see about the application in detail in this article.
Official Facebook App:
facebook apk

  • This application is the official and available for free from play store.
  • Posting and editing the status is easy and fast.
  • Gives notification about the your account in the notification bar.
  • Easy to see the updates from your friends and comment in it.
  • Easy to see all the friend request and other important news.
  • Easy to chat with your friends.
  • Easy to access all the apps and games from the Facebook.

Download From Play Store

 Facebook Messenger:

  • This app is also available for free.
  • Easy to chat with your friends with just a click.
  • Easy to create a group and add photo, name for group etc,.
  • Popup chat heads when you use other application is also available.
  • Easy to turn on or off the chat.

Download From Play Store

Facebook Page Manager:

facebook page apk


  • Able to give post all of your pages in a single application.
  • Give the notification about all the Facebook pages.
  •  Gives insights and editing the details of your Facebook pages.
  • This application is also free from play store.

Download From Play Store

 Download all application from play store and install it in your android smartphone for getting every updates from your friends in your pocket. Now its time for giving feedback about these applications in our comment box. Stay here for more updates about android!

Keerthi Varman
Keerthi Varman

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