Automatic Irrigation system with Motor Control and SMS
The project is intended to provide proper amount of irrigation to agricultural fields by observing the moisture content of soil. The project automates the process of manually irrigating the fields by switching the pump ON/OFF.
It is implemented by using an Atmega series Atmega 328p , programmed such as to collect input signals that measures moisture content of soil through sensing arrangement. Sensing arrangement is made by inserting two soil moisture sensor into the field at some distance. An op-amp is used as a comparator that interfaces Atmega 328p and the sensing arrangement. On receiving the signal, the Atmega 328p produces an output that drives a relay and operates the water pump.

Block diagram of the Automatic Irrigation System

Also LCD is used which is interfaced with Atmega 328p for displaying the moisture content of soil and water pump status also sent SMS to your cell phone. Hence the system reduces human intervention and provides required irrigation to field. The concept in future can be enhanced by integrating GSM technology, such that whenever the water pump switches ON/OFF, an SMS is delivered to the concerned person regarding the status of the pump.
Model Project:-
1. Minimizes water waste and improves plant growth.
2. The circuit is designed to work automatically and hence, there is no need for any human 3. intervention.
4. The project is intended for small gardens and residential environment.
5. The advanced soil moisture sensor, the same circuit can be expanded to large agricultural fields.

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