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Arduino is a very popular way to get started with Electronics. The good news is that you don’t need to buy any hardware and not even install any software to start learning Arduino. Learn how to use an online Arduino simulation.

Welcome to Wokwi!
Wokwi is an online simulator for Arduino and Electronics. It’s designed for makers, by makers. You can use Wokwi to learn Arduino programming, prototype your ideas, and share your projects with other makers. The documentation is still in the early stage and is missing a lot of information. If you need any help, please hop on to our Discord server, where a bunch of friendly community members are available to help you.
Let us start with the in Simulator!
Let us see the joy of Arduino Our first Arduino project is blinking an LED. Let’s start with a quick tour of the simulator.

Editor window:
This is where you write your Arduino code. For instance, the code above blinks an LED. You can also paste the code you find in online tutorials and try it out!

Simulation window:
This is where the simulation takes place. You can add new parts, define the connections, and click on the green play button to start the simulation.

Serial monitor:
The simulation window also contains a serial plotter and terminal window. it opens when there is a serial communication-related code initialization.

Control Play button:
starts or restarts the simulation.

Stop button:
Stops the simulation

Start from easy:
After you feel confident with the basic LED example, you can gradually challenge yourself. Try adding a second LED, connected to a different Arduino pin (e.g. pin 12 and GND), and see if you can modify the code to alternate between the LEDs.

Arduino Piano – 8 push buttons and a buzzer, that all it takes to create a single octave piano. Now here’s a challenge for you: add record/play functionality. For the extra score, store the recorded songs in the Arduino’s EEPROM memory.

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