Application for android converts text to speech

How to convert text to speech voice in android phones?

Android smartphones are having in-built text to speech synthesiser. But you can’t use this feature to read the webpages, paragraphs etc, There is an application for android which have done this task very much easier. Talk is an android app which available from playstore to download free.

talk for speech app


  • Able to read the online webpages directly.
  • Export the typed paragraphs as a wav file.
  • Available in languages like English, Hindi, Chinese, Tamil etc,.
  • Able to pause or play the reading at any time.
  • Language bar is easy for to use. But for this feature needs internet connection.
  • Options available for controlling the pitch and speed of the voice.
  • Able to change TTS settings directly.
  • The size of this app is so small.
  • The pro version of this app is also available. If you buy it, then you are from ads.

Download Talk App from Play Store

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