How to activate airtel 3G plans using main balance?

                 Airtel is mostly used network by many users. Airtel becoming more popular by launching 4G LTE plans in India. Airtel 3G is faster than 2G network. The cost of activating is more as compared to 2G plans. I have better browsing experience with 3G plans. I want to show you how to activate 3G in your airtel mobile. Airtel 3G is best for android mobiles.

Advantages of activating 3G plans:

  • Faster than airtel 2G network.
  • Easier for video streaming and video chatting.
  • Faster for Facebook and other social medias.
  • Best experience with android mobiles.


How to activate 3G plans by SMS?

  • First of all send SMS as 3G to 121.
  • Then a message shows, that your airtel is using 3G or not. If your message shows “3G is already activated on your Airtel Mobile”. Then follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Then reply with “1“.
  • Again a message from Airtel shows a list of number of plans for 3G network.
  • Then you have to reply with the number for your desired plans. i.e If 1. 25MB @ Rs.8, the reply with “1”.
  • After few minutes a message shows that you are activated.
  • That’s all have done. Enjoy browsing with airtel 3G plans.

            The same can be used to activate 3G in your airtel mobile. If you have any ideas about this method, leave here via comments. Stay here for many updates about airtel!

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