The eight NPN Darlington connected transistors in this family of arrays are ideally suited for interfacing between low logic level digital circuitry (such as TTL, CMOS or PMOS/NMOS) and the higher current/voltage requirements of lamps, relays, printer hammers or other similar loads for a broad range of computer, industrial, and consumer applications. All devices feature open–collector outputs and free wheeling clamp diodes for transient suppression.
The ULN2803 is designed to be compatible with standard TTL families while the ULN2804 is optimized for 6 to 15 volt high level CMOS or PMOS.
1. Output Voltage VO=50 V
2. Input Voltage (Except ULN2801) VI = 30 V
3. Collector Current – Continuous IC = 500 mA
4. Base Current – Continuous IB = 25 mA
5. Operating Ambient Temperature Range TA = 0 to +70 °C
6. Storage Temperature Range Tstg: –55 to +150 °C
7. Junction Temperature TJ: 125 °C.

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