Transistor Code-BC147 Means

Transistor General code: The European system of the Transistor coding, there are two alphabets before the number. 

First alphabet represents the type of semiconductor type
second alphabet represents the use of transistor.
First letter
A – Germanium
B – Silicon
C – Gallium Arsenide
D – Indium Antimide
Second letter
C – Audio frequency Amplifier
D – Audio frequency power amplifier
F– Low power Radio frequency amplifier
P – High power Radio frequency amplifier
Semi-conductor B Series BC547 It meanstrcode2
– Silicon
C – Audio frequency amplifier – Silicon Audio frequency Amplifier
TYPE:  AD Mean
AD 140
A – Germanium,
D– Audio frequency power amplifier

  • AC 188
  • A– Germanium,
  • C– Audio frequency amplifier

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