Teamviewer free application for PC to share your desktop. I recommend this software is the best and fast for sharing your desktop with others.It works with your friends only if he/she has internet connection in his friends computer

teamviewer free download


  • Both free(Non-commercial use only) and premium license are available.
  • Fast, safe and easy to share.
  • Conduct meeting with your friends
  • Available for Android, Mac OS etc..,

          After installing the software, it will generate a “TEAMVIEWER ID” and a password. This ID is generated and it can be used to identify your company across the globe. This ID is once generated based on your computer specification and it can’t be change.But you can enter a password of your own and set as default. 

         The connect with your friends, give the details to your friend or ask your friend to give his ID and password. That’s all you have connected with your friend and now you can give solution to your friend via this software. 

  In the main menu it has two options namely, Remote control and File transfer. The remote control option is for connecting to your friends PC. The File transfer option is for to transfer the files between your computer with your friend.

 At the bottom of the main window, there is a status light. If it glows in green colour, it is ready to connect for remote control. If it glows yellow colour, it means Authenticating  i.e your friend has entering your ID and Password of your computer. The status light is in red colour, as you know the internet connection of your failures or check your internet settings.

How to connect with your friends computer?

  • Start Teamviewer application.
  • Click Remote control tab.
  • Ask your friend for his ID and Password.
  • Then type ID in the combo box.
  • Then click Remote control option.
  • Then click to “Connect to Partner” button.
  • Now a authentication dialogue box will be opened and your friend Password in the box.
  • Next click “Log On”.
  • That’s all you have connected with your friends desktop.

Download : Teamviewer latest from official site for Windows

Download :  Teamviewer latest from official site for Mac OS

Download : Teamviewer latest version for Linux

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