Simple 100W Inverter Using Mosfet

An inverter circuit is used to convert the DC power to AC power. Inverters can be of two types True/pure sine wave inverters and quasi or modified inverters. These true /pure sine wave inverters are costly ,while modified or quasi inverters are inexpensive. These modified inverters produce a square wave and these are not used to power delicate electronic equipment’s . Here, a simple voltage driven inverter circuit using MOSFET transistors as switching devices is build, which converts 12V DC signal to single phase 220V AC.
Basic Principle:-
The basic idea behind every inverter circuit is to produce oscillations using the given DC and apply these oscillations across the primary of the transformer by amplifying the current. This primary voltage is then stepped up to a higher voltage depending upon the number of turns in primary and secondary coils.
A 12V DC to 220 V AC converter can also be designed using MOSFET. It can be used to power lamps up to 100 W but can be made to drive more powerful loads by adding more MOSFETS.

The inverter implemented in this circuit is a square wave inverter and works with devices that do not require pure sine wave AC.The circuit can be divided into three parts: oscillator, amplifier and transformer. A 50Hz oscillator is required as the frequency of AC supply is 50Hz.
Components Needed:-
1. 12v/7 Ah Battery – 1 No. (Ah Means Amps/ Hour)
3. Resistor – 22 Ohms/5W – 1 No
4. 2.2uf or 1 uf capacitors- 1 No
5. 12-0-12v Transformer / 5 Amps

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