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How to resize my passport size image? How to reduce the size of images without losing its quality? How to convert your signature into digital ones? Looking for a complete guide? Then you are on the right site to know about it. Applying for online GATE or SSC or UPSC or any application? Struggling in uploading photo or signature images? You need the right tool for editing the image according to the conditions given by them. Many options are there like software or online sites. But you have to swap between them because one tool meant for resize only and another for reducing the image file size. Frustrating, isn’t? Don’t worry, I will give you a complete guide in three different ways. So let’s go with it.

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How to resize and reduce size image using [Freeware] is a freeware and easy to download (10mb in size) from its official site. So download it and install on your PC. Now follow the instructions,

Download: Freeware

  • In the menu,>> Open, then browse your image and select Ok.

  • Here, I have given the photo conditions according to GATE 2018, which I have applied in the past. So first read the set of conditions given in your online application page like pixels or image size or face occupancy for 80% in the image. You have to satisfy all the conditions otherwise it will always show the error while uploading.

GATE 2018 – Photo Size

  • Now go to image >> Resize. A dialogue box opens. Make your the maintain aspect ratio checked. Now you have to change either the width or height of the image. I suggest you go for width first and then the height can be adjusted easily by using crop option. This is done to avoid the image distort problem.
  • For cropping the height, roughly select the region using select tool available in the toolbar. Then Image >> Crop to image selection, the image will be cropped.

Crop your Image

  • Finally, confirm the image resolution by Image >> Canvas Size, in the dialogue box it will show the current image size in both pixels and cm in units.

  • Now its time for image file size reduction. It’s that simple and also you will achieve the same image quality also. Now select Save As in File, then select .jpg format and select ok.

  • Now another dialogue box opens as shown in the below figure, adjust the quality for desired image size and click Ok.

Adjust the quality bar to obtain the desired file size

  • That’s all you have done.

For signature,

  • Take a photo of your signature in a paper using your mobile.
  • Then open it by this software. First crop the signature in the image roughly using the crop tool, as shown in the below figure.

  • Then resize the image according to the condition given. For example, GATE 2018 signature file rules are given below.


  • Resize the image and click save as.

Resize the image

Adjust the file size in this dialogue box

  • Adjust the quality to get the file size in the range. That’s all you have converted your signature into a digital image.

By Using Photoshop,

Yes, by using Photoshop we can do any editing for photography. But this is a premium software and you have the pay the premium for the license. You can use this software by using cracks but use it at your own risk.

  • Open the image using Photoshop.
  • Image >> Image size, enter your image size either height or width

  • Then adjust the final resolution by using the cropping tool
  • Then, select ‘Save As‘. Finally, adjust the image quality to get the required file size.

Online Websites:

Don’t want to install software for this little work. There are many browser-based photo editing tools also available for free also. Some of the websites built with standard photo resolution and size, by uploading the image it will automatically complete the work like name or date font in image or image resolution adjust etc.

List of Free websites are,

Final Words,

Though there are many ways available, I have mentioned the best software and site here. You can go for freeware blindly. If you are good at photo editing, then go for Photoshop. But online sites with built-in size are the best option if you don’t want to install the software or time consuming procedures. With the online site, choose your application type then it will complete the resize work. But check the conditions given in your application, they may change it frequently. Share this articles with your friends also. Post any comments or feedbacks or issues using below comment section. Stay here for more useful updates.

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