Resistor Color Code Calculator: Use this App to convert resistor color codes into resistor ohm value and tolerance. Color banded axial lead resistors with 4 or 5 bands are supported. Student, engineer or maker? Arduino or Raspberry Pi tinkerer? Getting into electronics and can’t remember the resistor color codes? Click on the colors printed to your resistor and the calculated value and tolerance will be displayed. If you have a 5-band resistor switch to this type first.

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Resistor Color Code Calculator
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What are resistor color codes used for?
For very small electronic components a color code instead of printed text is used to indicate the value, rating or and tolerance. Resistors come in variations with 4, 5 or more color bands where a 4-band color code is most common. With 4 bands the first and second band represent the first and second significant digit of the ohm value, the 3 band is the decimal multiplier. Next comes a small gap – helping you to distinguish left and right of the component – and finally the fourth band indicating tolerance of the resistor.
Colors for significant figures:
1. Black: 0
2. Brown: 1
3. Red: 2
4. Orange: 3
5. Yellow: 4
6. Green: 5
7. Blue: 6
8. Violet: 7
9. Grey: 8
10. White: 9
Colors for multiplier band:
A. Black: 1
B. Brown: 10
C. Red: 100
D. Orange: 1000
E. Yellow: 10000
F. Green: 100000
G. Blue: 1000000
H. Gold: 0.1
I. Silver: 0.0
1. Simple user interface.
2. Real Time calculation process.
3. Support three, four, five and six bands resistor.
4. No need to register and login.
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