The Symbol NAND Gate  is an AND gate followed by NOT gate. The term NAND  is a contraction of AND+NOT. The NAND gate has two or more inputs and a single output. The NAND produces HIGH when any of the inputs is LOW.  The functions involve only three operations which make up Boolean algebra: AND, OR, and COMPLEMENT. This operating power supply is 5VDc. They are symbolically represented as follows:
These operations are like ordinary algebraic operations in that they are commutative, associative, and distributive. There is a group of useful theorems of Boolean algebra which help in developing the logic for a given operation.
CASE-1. Input A,B is LOW then output HIGH.
CASE-2. Input A is LOW B, High then output HIGH.
CASE-3. Input A is HIGH B, Low then output HIGH.
CASE-4. Input A,B is HIGH then output LOW.

LOGIC EXPRESSION:– The input variables are A,B and the output variable Y is then the logic expression for NAND gae is  Y = AB Inverted output. NAND GATE used as an universal gate.   PACKAGE:-(TTL) Transistor Transistor Logic.

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