In this project, we will learn about the IoT Based Smart Agriculture & Automatic Irrigation System with Nodemcu ESP8266. Agriculture plays a vital role in the development of agricultural countries.

Some issues concerning agriculture have been always hindering the development of the country. Consequently, the only solution to this problem is smart agriculture by modernizing the current traditional methods of agriculture.

Hence the method is making agriculture smart using automation and IoT technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) enables various applications of crop growth monitoring and selection, automatic irrigation decision support, etc. We proposed ESP8266 IoT Automatic irrigation system to modernize and improve the productivity of the crop.
This post explains how to make IoT Smart Agriculture with Automatic Irrigation System using some simple sensors that are available in the market. We will use Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor to measure moisture content present in the soil.

Similarly to measure Air Temperature and Humidity, we prefer DHT11 Humidity Temperature Sensor. Using a 5V Power relay we will control the Water Pump. Whenever the sensor detects a low quantity of moisture in the soil, the motor turns on automatically. Hence, will automatically irrigate the field.

Once the soil becomes wet, the motor turns off. You can monitor all this happening remotely via Thingspeak Server online from any part of the world.
IoT Irrigation Monitoring and Controlling System: Proteus Simulation Soon.

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