How to Repair LED Backlight of the LED TV. Here Im changed 3v LED on a Strip of LEDs. In my LED TV Symptom is Dark image that is “No picture and sound normal”. Then i analyse this problem is in the LED Backlight of the Strip LEDs. Because output voltage of the LED Strip driver is normal (Open voltage is 120 DC But load voltage is 94 V Dc) but LED strip not glow. and a common fault with led tv on backlight problem screen flickering or sometimes cycling ON/OFF.

1. LED TV.
2. Screw Driver (Suitable for Disassemble)
3. Spare SMD LED or Strip led. (Watch my video Tutorial)
4. Some Wires.
5. New same brand LED Strip.

  1. Carefully remove all screws with help of suitable + Screw Drivers.

2. I checked the voltage on the LED backlight connector and found the DC Voltage comes while shut down TV. This is the backlight led problem.
Remove LED Connection connector and LED driver hub plat wire.

3. T- Con mother board.

4. When you are removing theLED Screen Hub connection extra careful is needed. (Take Care When remove). See my video Tutorial.

5. LED Strip Connection remove from the backlight driver circuit.

6. LED Display Screen Removed.

7. Faulty LED Strips are removed by me.

8. Rectified LED Strips are fixed.

9. LED Strips are tested by me. Here iam used 15v DC power supply because each LEDS are 3v dc) and One strip consist of 5 LEDs.

10. LED strip is tested by me in all rows.

11. Each strip tested with help of 15v dc.

12. Power on the LED TV and wait some seconds then all LEDs Glows.

13. All filter setup is mounted as removed.

14. LED display screen.

15. LED Display screen outer frame fitted.

16. LED Display top frame fitted.

17. Switch on the LED TV and watch as raster appear if  LED Strips are glow.

My LED TV were finally repaired and I was happy. For more details watch my Video tutorials.

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