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Data collection and presentation are some of the key requirements for every professional out there. Data collection itself is a more risky work to do more than this delivery of that content to others in a way of easy to communicate, eye-catchy design, and in brief, will be more difficult and challenge. Presentation skills cannot be learned we can hear the tips and advice from others but to be master of it, practice, and recreate with your creative ideas.


What are Infographics?

Infographics are the modern way of saying presenting data or information i.e combining information (to deliver) and eye-catchy designs. Infographic is a collection of graphs, animations, words, and images that delivers the wholistic details on a single page i.e helps to grabs the information at a glance.

Infographics have tree charts or bar graphs or pie graphs or mind maps or sticky images or human animations or Gantt charts or sometimes fancy designs only. Infographics meant not only for presentation, but it can also be for posters, banners, short notices, etc. These can be used for,

  • College cultural events
  • Festivals
  • Promotion of an event or products
  • Testimonials
  • Prospectus
  • Banners or posters
  • Religious functions
  • Data presentation
  • Technical discussions

Follow your creative intuition and make attractive infographics. So for creating awesome infographics, it needs some tools. It can be made simply by using MS office excel or PowerPoint. Nowadays lots of online tools are available which are dedicated to this purpose only. In this article, we will discuss two different methods. One is for everyone and another one is a bit tricky but requires some photo editing skills.

METHOD 1: Online Tool – Canva Best and free tool

Key points:

  • No editing knowledge required
  • All tools and images available on the website 
  • Watermark in the background

With the development of cloud technologies, lots of tools were available on the internet and they can be easily accessed through any browser client. Online photo editing becomes so easy these days with the help of highly advanced and user-friendly online tools. is one of the best sites with many options to choose from. They provide both free and premium services. Though there are many online tools available, Canva is considered to free to use because we can edit and download the files unlimited. In case of other sites like Piktocart or Venengage we can edit but have to pay for the download. But in all these sites, the watermark of their brand will be there. Below is an example of a poster, which was made using

Let’s discuss how to use

  • Open
  • Create an account using your mail and activate the account.
  • After sign in, the front dashboard consists of many options to choose like poster, presentation, short video, Infographics, banners, etc., Choose your template and edit as you wish.
  • For Infographics, as we already discussed it consists of some data and information with attractive designs. Search for Infographic it will show some free templates if you wish you can buy premium templates.
  • In Canva, we have many elements to choose (both free and paid version available) website – Editor UI – Tool and menu bars are highlighted.

  • For graphs which are main for Infographics, Canva has pie, line, bar, etc. built-in. We can also edit the graph with your own data and labels.

  • We can change the background of your canvas in the background option. We can change the position, edit the size, and change the transparency level also.

  • You can upload a custom image like a logo or custom data graphs from Excel or Minitab in the upload option.]

  • Many templates are available in the template tab. Categories like festival, trending, poster, banner, infographics are available.

Best Online tools for Image makers:

METHOD 2: Templates – Photoshop

Key Points:

  • No watermark on images
  • Can edit or export to other images or presentation
  • Ready templates available for timeline, pie chart, banners or poster, bulb or idea etc.,
  • Photoshop or Illustrator knowledge is required

Follow the steps:

  • Select the vector, photo, and PSD in the filter. Type “Infographic” in the search box. It will show a list of templates (both free and paid). Select the template and download it.

  • .EPS or any vector can be editable in Illustrator only. .psd or any image format can be editable in photoshop or
  • Make sure you have Photoshop or Illustrator installed on your PC or laptop.
  • Open the template downloaded from the site, you can directly edit the text in it.

  • By using templates, we can change the position or copy the template into any other images easily.
  • With this method, you can create a watermark-free infographic. But photoshop editing skills should be well enough.

The following are the websites which are providing beautiful templates for free. I have compiled a .zip file that has nearly 8 beautiful templates with many design elements, for link see below.


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