How to create a custom gradient background image?

Clean, simple and elegant are the three mantras in today’s graphics design or any other animations also. So in which gradient gives us major details like color variation in a table shows data defers etc. So learn to create a gradient image is decisive. Let’s see in three different approaches.


Be creative logo maker

Graphics play a vital role everywhere. The way the technology updated daily makes every day competitive. Engineers become more efficient in whatever they are doing right from the documentation to flied work by using software or simulation tools. So a graphical designer nowadays should use the simplest approach to expose more details, which requires creativity than ever.

Those days where more color or sparkling or jiggling attracts everyone. But nowadays designers are delivering their thoughts via scribbles or text with basics effects. I am always fond of the logo or poster designing. I am addicted to using image editing tools like Photoshop or Corel draw or illustrator. So I thought writing this article may be helpful.

Pain.Net – Free and compact graphical designer tool

Yes, software said to be the best alternative for Photoshop than compared to GMIP or Adobe Pixlr software. It can able to handle a variety of functions like editing images or apply various effects with images like a pro. If you want a compact tool with a variety of tools then is the only way.

  • Open, and create a new canvas in the required size.

  • Select the Gradient tool in the toolbox window.
  • In the right-sidebar, you will see a color selection box.

  • For creating a gradient background using software, there will be a starting point and an ending point. Place the cursor anywhere inside your canvas and drag it. The more you drag the wider will be spread of colors selected.

  • In, there are many options available like round or line or multiple or heavy spread of color in the menu bar at the top. Perform a trial and error method until you obtain the desired image.

Photoshop – Best ever

Photoshop, the word itself may be the future meaning of photo editing. Because of its tons of features available with it. So let’s see how to make a gradient image with it.

  • So open the photoshop and create your new canvas as of the required size and properties.
  • Then in the toolbox, select the gradient tool.
  • For applying the effect, you have to drag the start point and endpoint up to a length which decides the color spread in the canvas.

  • With photoshop we have multiple to try which is present in the menu bar. We can create multiple gradients effects and can be masked (but the remaining area other than gradient space has to transparent). Also, the selection of wide variation of color also done as in the below screenshot.

Select as many colors as possible to obtain fascinating results

Online Generators – Free and user-friendly UI

Today, everything is changed to IoT right from our home. So developers are keen on developing many online tools possible to satisfy all kinds of user needs. There are many online image tools that are targeted to specific audiences like Pixlr for photo effects only. Some of them are free and some of them are more advanced than compared to Photoshop but might cost. Some of the best online generators are which can be used for both web or logo design.

Online CSS gradient generator

Some of the best online tools for the generator which are listed below considered to be user friendly. Select your different colour and pattern finally control the spread to obtain gradient image.

Compared to the online tools software method considered to best. Share the articles with your geeks to have a healthy discussion. Stay hungry and stay creative. If you have any other suggestion just it below.

Keerthi Varman
Keerthi Varman

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