How to add Arduino Library to Proteus Simulation

How to add Arduino Library to Proteus Simulation Latest 2020.
STEP-1. Download Arduino Library from the link given below.

Download Here: Arduino-Library-for-Proteus

STEP-2. Download the file to desktop.
STEP-3. Unzip the .zip file to desktop.STEP-4. Cut Nano TEP.IDX AND Nano TEP.LIB the two obtained files from desktop
STEP-5. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8.9 Professional\LIBRARY
STEP-6. Some time the file Library hidden by default.
STEP-7. Select C Drive/Organize/Folder and Search Options/view/Tick Show hidden files, folders,and drives.
STEP-8. Click C Drive/ProgramData/Labcentre Electronics/Proteus 8 Professional/Click Library/Paste your Library.
STEP-9. Paste the files here and you are done.
How to Simulate with Proteus software.
STEP-1. Open proteus and click on “pick from libraries”
STEP-2 Search for “Arduino”, you will see Arduino boards in result bar.
STEP-3. Select Board of your choice and connect as below given circuit.
STEP-1. Copy this “LED BLINKING ” program to your Arduino IDE:
STEP-2. Go to preferences
STEP-3. Check (Compilation) CheckBox
STEP-4. Click on verify (compile)
STEP-5. After compilation is complete copy HEX file path from the bottom corner.
STEP-6. Open Proteus and double click on Arduino. Paste the file path and click ok
STEP-7. Double Click Arduino Uno Board.
STEP-8. Open Arduino Build Hex file folder.

Step-9. Video Tutorial


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