Learn the theory, try the problem, check the solution – designed for students in AC & DC theory. Suit electrical trade apprentices, electrical journeyman, automotive technicians, electronic technicians, mechatronics technicians, engineering and physics students.
Practice for your licence / exam by testing your knowledge of basic electrical / electronic circuits.

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More than 300 questions with topics including resistance, series circuits, parallel circuits, series/parallel circuits, capacitance, time constants, meter loading, meter shunts, multipliers, wave forms, inductance, transformers, reluctance and series AC circuits
Scores stored for future comparison. Full series circuit questions and sample of other topics in demo version.
Improve your score in any of the following
1. Circuit Analysis
2. Electrical Engineering 101
3. WACE Physics
4. Master Electrical Exam
5. GATE Exam
6. FCC license exam
7. Ham radio exam
8. Amateur Radio Exam
9. PRC Board Electrical
10. PSI Board Electrical
11. GCSE Physics
12. ECE Board Exam
13. C&G 2330
14. C&G 2365
15. BS 2391 Exam
16. TDLR Electrician
17. TRAMAN Exams
18. Electrical Apprentice Exams
19. Auto Electricians Exam
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