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Basic Electronics Q&A provides you various Question & Answer for electronics & its components. Electronics includes various topics like tools & components of electronics, number system, boolean algebra, electric circuits etc.
Basic Electronics Q&A also contains fundamental concepts like Voltage, Current, Resistance, semiconductor, capacitor, Ohms Law etc. Any electrician or student of electronics can use our app for reference.
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Basic Electronics Question & Answers
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Topics which included in Electronics Q&A app:
– Electronics Components
– Electronics Tools
– Voltage
– Current
– Ohms Law
– Diode
– Basic Electronics Question And Answers
– Semiconductors – PN Junction
– Resistors
– Capacitors
– Special Purpose Diode
– Rectifier
– Electronic Meters
– Number Systems And Code
– Logic Gates And Boolean Algebra
– Logic Circuits
– Power Electronics
– Series and Parallel Circuits
– Difference Between AC and DC Currents
– Electrostatic Force
– Static Electricity
– Electric Fields
– Battery & Types of Batteries and Applications
– Solar Panel
– Kirchhoffs Laws for current and voltage
Electronics Q&A app is useful for student, electrician, engineering field, electrical field , professionals etc. We frequently update our app with new topics of question & answers.
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