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Electronics Plus FREE is a compact app which is designed by CRUX where you will find Electronics, Electrical, Drone/RC Plane calculators, Aeronautics, Thousands of Datasheets collections, Component Pin outs in one App. It’s a must needed app for all Electronics and Electrical enthusiastic. We will be adding more calculator’s and features.
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Electronics Plus:100+ Calculator, 3500+ Datasheet and install in your Android Mobile phone, or to install this app Click here.
1. 100+ Electronics, Electrical and Drone/RC plane/Quadcopter Calculator.
2. 3500+ Component Datasheet Collection(IC Dictionary App integrated)
3. Lots of Useful Pinouts (Including Arduino and ESP Wifi Board )
4. Unit Converters (Length, Weight, Power, Voltage, Capacitor, Frequency, etc.)
5. Resistor and Inductor Color Code Calculator.
6. SMD Resistor Color Code Calculator.
7. 555 IC, Transistor, Op Amp, Zener Diode Calculator.
8. Capacitor Unit Converter and Capacitor Code Converter.
9. IC Dictionary (Our other App which is fully integrated here)
10. Drone / RC Plane / Quadcopter Calculator.
11. Motor kV, Battery Combination and C to Amp, Flight Time Calculator.
12. Inductive and Capacitive Reactance Calculator.
13. Ohms Law Calculator.
14. Battery Life Calculator.
15. Analog to Digital Converter.
16. Decibel Converter.
17. Y-delta Conversion.
18. LED Resistor Calculator.
19. Inductor Design Tool.
(Others Third Party Integrated Online Calculator – thanks to Easycalculation.com)
A. 3 Phase Power Calculator by Two Phase Wattmeters Method
B. 8051 PIC Microcontroller Time Delay Calculator
C. 90 Degree Mitered Corner Calculator
D. AC Power Calculator
E. Ah to kWh Conversion Calculator
F. Amplifier Output Voltage Calculator, AVR Timer Calculator
G. Bias Calculator, Bode Plot Complex Generator
H. Bode Plot Generator
I. Cable Force, Length, Size Calculator
J. Coaxial Line Impedance Calculator
K. Copper Loss, Wire Self Inductance Calculator
L. DC Power Calculator
M. Electric Potential Energy Calculator
N. Electrical Admittance Calculator
O. Electricity Cost Calculator
P. Electrostatic Calculator
Q. Energy Saving Calculator
R. Figure of Merit Calculation
S. Flyback SMPS Calculator
T. Gapped Core Inductance Calculator
U. Groundig Strap Inductance Calculator
V. Helical Antenna Calculator
W. Horsepower and Watts Conversion Calculator
X. DFT Calculator
Y. Inductance of an Air Core Coil Calculator
Z. L matching Network Calculator
a. LED Energy Savings and Resistor Calculator
b. Logic Gate Value Calculator
c. mA/h Power Consumption Calculator
d. Microstrip Impedance Calculator
e. Microstriip PCB Differential Impedance Calculator
f. Nichrome Wire Calculator
g. Number of Turns in a Transformer Coil Calculator
h. Parallel Capacitor Calculator
i. Parallel Inductance Calculator
j. Parallel Resistor Calculator
k. Parallel Wire Calculator
l. PCB Calculator
m. PCB Differential Impedance Calculator
n. PCB Trace Width Calculator
o. Physical Properties of Coil/Material Calculator
p. Power Consumption Calculator
q. Quality Factor of Resonant Cavity Calculator
r. R1 R2 Calculator
s. Real and Reactive power Calculator
t. RF power density calculator
u. TV Screen Size Calculator
v. Wire Diameter TV Screen Size Calculator
w. Transformer Wire Length, Current, Capacity, Conductor Size Calculator
1. ARDUINO , ESP MODULE, WIFI, Robot, USB, Serial Port, Parallel Port etc
2. HDMI Connector, Display Port, DVI , VGA Connector
3. Lightning Connector, ATX Power, PC Peripherals, Firewire Connector
4. Apple , PDMI, EIDE ATA-SATA, Firewire, S Video, OBD , SCART
5. Fibre Optics, RCA, Car Audio, Ethernet port, MIDI, Audio DIN, JACK Connector
6. Raspberry Pi, Fiber Optics,
7. SIM , SD Card
A. Resistor, Capacitor, Logic Gate, Inductor, Transistor, Op-Amp
B. AC Circuit, Arduino etc
C. ESP8266, ESP32 etc
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