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This free app consists of 3 useful electricity tools, an electrical calculator, an electrical circuit calculator and electrical formulas. Electrical calculator: You are able to calculate the most important electrical sizes. You can calculate the electrical power, electrical resistance, electrical charge, electrical work and electrical current.

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Electrical Engineering
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Electrical circuit: You are able to calculate the current in parallel circuits (both total and partial), the voltage in series circuits (both total and partial) and the resistance in parallel and series circuits.
Electrical formulas: You can see the formulas for the electrical power, electrical resistance, electrical work, electrical current and electrical charge.
Other calculators: You can also calculate the battery lifetime, the stored energy in a capacitor, the inductance and the capacitance, the output voltage of a voltage divider.
The best app for school, college and work! If you are a student it will helps to learn. Electrical engineering covers a wide range of sub fields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, radio frequency engineering, and signal processing.
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