Saving electricity is a major concern for domestic and industrial units. We always try hard to save electricity in many ways to reduce our electricity bills, but due to some known and unforeseen circumstances our efforts do not normally transform in saving electricity. Adding to our woes we may at times forget to switch off electrical gadgets when we are not using them, especially the AC’s, which not only results in mounting electricity bills, but also forget the fact that we are wasting a resource which is of National Importance.

To overcome the above shortcomings, a prototype model is created which doesn’t hurt our pockets too.
An automatic coin collection device for payloads like lamps and air-conditioners to be used on a private electrical line. It is useful for paying guest houses, lodges and trains.
The system makes use of a sensor for detecting the coin and a microcontroller that counts the coins and shows the count on a display.
When you close the load switch provided in the circuit, the relay energies to connect the load and the coin count on display starts decrementing.

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