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How to Repair LED TV Backlight

How to Repair LED Backlight of the LED TV. Here Im changed 3v LED on a Strip of LEDs. In my LED TV Symptom is Dark image that is “No picture and sound normal”. Then i analyse this problem is in the LED Backlight of the Strip

How to Repair Digital Oscilloscope?

DSO – Means Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Features: 1. Dual Analog channels. 2. 5.6 inch 64k TFT LCD Screen. 3. Waveform record and replay. Application of DS. 1. Electronic circuit testing. 2. Functional testing with circuit. 3. Logical signal verification. 4. To test mixed signals. Type: DS1052E. Frequency:

50 Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The DSO is based on the familiar practices of traditional instruments, users can use the new units without spending considerable time in learning and familiarizing with operation. For faster adjustment to ease testing there is an AUTO key to instantly display the appropriate waveform and range position. FUTURES:- 500MS/s real time sample rate

How to use Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Digital  oscilloscope offer user-friendly front panel with clear indications to allow access to all basic functions for easy operation. The scaling and position buttons of all channels are optimally arranged for intuitive operation. As design is based on the familiar practices of traditional instruments, users can use the new

How does a CRO works

CRO Means CATHODE  RAY OSCILLOSCOPE. CRT MEANS CATHODE RAY TUBE First time operation,  General information, Add-on modules(optional), Cro operation, components Tester, Maintenance, Service guide:  The TDS education oscilloscope series is designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s schools and universities. Packed with features and built-in tools, it is easy to learn and