4V DC to 220V AC inverter circuit with Mobile charger Ferrite core transformer. Iam going to make a very easy & simple low power inverter. Even this project can be made with scrap electronic-components available at your own home.
An inverter circuit is used to alter/change the DC power to AC power.
This circuit for experiment purpose only
Parts List:-
1. IRFZ44N
2. Resistor 1K Ω
3. Faulty Mobile Charger Transformer.
Transformer Points:-
Mobile charger transformer/setup-up transformer has a total of six points but all transformers do not have similar structure.
Inverter Circuit:-
In this post we are going to construct a simplest possible power inverter whose size small. This miniature inverter circuit can operate from 3V to 9V DC and can be used for powering small loads like 3 to 9 watt 220V AC LED lamps.
How circuit works?
1. The proposed inverter circuit is very simple and there are only 3 components to be collected to build one: a 1K ohm resistor, MOSFET IRFZ44N and a ferrite core transformer.
2. As the name suggests it utilizes a ferrite core transformer instead of an iron core transformer, traditionally inverter’s step-up transformers are made using iron core where it operates at 50/60 Hz. The iron core transformers are bulky, expensive and produce more energy loss.
3. Ferrite core transformer based inverters on the other hand are very light weight when compared to iron core, compact in size, offers superior efficiency and costs less to manufacture.
Video Tutorial:-

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