Inverter using MOSFET with Charger: Simple Inverter using MOSFET: In this circuit a 15-0-15v Transformer used to step down voltage. This voltage is rectified by rectifier diode D1,D2 and with C1. The unregulated DC is fed to the variable regulator LM317 and it is used to set the battery charging voltage of the battery voltage.
mosfet inverter1

LIST:- 15-0-15v / 2A Tx,2x1N5408,1000MF/35V,Regulator LM317,Preset-5k,100 Ohms,SCR-TYN616.

The inverter circuit is the (Resistor and Capacitor) R,C based oscillator, and its frequency is vary by changing its preset value of 47k. The output of IC CD4047 Q1,Q2 is opposite triggering pulse, this pulse is used trigger the any MOSFET or IGBT connected to the OUTPUT  TRANSFORMER  (as a step up) with DC voltage.

LIST:- CD4047,47 PRESET,10MF,0.2,1E/1W,47/2W,IRF540,12-0-12V OR 9=0-9V TX/2A.
The output is rectified with power diode with filter capacitor, and this voltage is enough for CFL LOW WATTAGE lambs. All components used in this circuit is easily available to make at low cost.

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