The programmer for 89 series microcontrollers like AT89C51,AT89S52, AT89C2051 and such series from Atmel. Board also supports various 8 pin serial EEPROM ICs. ZIF socket enables easy insertion and removal of devices for programming. Programming is very fast and reliable since it is USB based. No external power required since it is powered from USB port itself.


  •  Powered from USB port (No external power required)
  •  Fast speed writing (8kb flash file in 10 seconds)
  •  LED indicating active process
  •  Auto Identify connected programmer
  • Error checking and verification in-built
  • Lock of programs in chip supported to
  • prevent program copying
  • 40 pin ZIF socket for easy insertion & removal
  • Auto Erase/Lock/Verify
  • Informative window and access to
  • latest programmed file
  • Simple and Easy to use.


Devices Supported:- Atmel Serial EEPROM    89c51 Data Sheet     89c51 Instruction Manual   89c52 Philips

AT89C51 SST89C54,  AT24C01,  AT89C52, SST89C58,   AT93C56, AT89S51,  SST89C59,  AT24C04,  AT89S52,   AT24C08, AT89S53,  AT24C16, AT89S8252,  SST89E554RC,  AT24C32, AT89C1051,  AT24C64, AT89C2051,  AT24C164,AT89C4051.


1. Connect Programmer to USB port:- Plug in one end of USB  cable to PCs USB port and another end to programmer.

2. Install USB Driver:- Insert the CDROM provided with programmer. This is called USB Driver. It contains a file “Read,txt” with related to install of USB driver as per your operating systems.
3. Install PC software by running its setup programme from CDROM and follow onscreen instruction. After install a icon will appear ondesktop.

4. Run your software from start menu.Software should connect and show ONLINE icon green colour at bottom. Your programmer is ready.

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