ESP8266 Web Server with Arduino

ESP8266 is WiFi module that act as Transceiver. ESP8266 is a UART TO wifi module which provides an easy way to connect any microcontroller platform like arduino to Internet wirelessly. ESp8266 is cheap and easy to work with it become one of the leading platforn for the Iot that is Internet of Things. The AT commands to connect to wifi networks and open TCP connections without running TCP/IP stack. It includes 32 Bit microcontroller which can be programmed to act as a standalone wifi connected embedded platform.

ESP8266 needs a 250mA current for date trtansferring. Use at least 500mA for powering the ESP8266. Powering with USB cables that get their power from a computer can lead to instability.

1. 802.11b/g/n/ protocol.
2. Wi-Fi Direct (P2P) soft App.
3. Integrated TCP/IP Protocol stack.
4. Built-in-low power
5. In-Built 32 Bit CPU.
6. SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART.

The ESP 8266 comes in variety of version. The ESP-12 or called ESP-12E NodeMCU kit is currently the most practical version.
The available versiono is form ESP01 to ESP-12E. The ESP-12E also called NodeMCU, the one that has built in programmer. The built-in-programmer makes it easy to prototype and upload our programs.
The Arduino IDE is an open source software that makes it easy to write code and upload it to the arduino board.
Download Arduino IDE: Arduino download link and install.
Additional Software: Install JAVA in your computer: Download link and install.
To install the ESP8266 Board in your Arduino IDE follow the below steps.
1. open the preferences window from the Arduino IDE/
Click File then Preferences.
2. Copy and Enter this link:
into Additionals board manager URLs field, (Use “,” for multiple file link) and press the OK Button.
3. Go to Tools>Board>Board Manager
4. Scroll down, and select the ESP8266 board menu and install “esp8266 Community”
5. open Arduino Tools Menu.
6. Board>NodMCU-1.0
7. Finally reopen your Arduino IDE and ensure it with the new boards.

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