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Iot (Internet of Things) Latest Projects 2020 using Arduino

1. IoT based Smart Umbrella System using Raspberry Pi 2. IoT Smart Home automation using Node Mcu 3. IoT based Water Quality Management system using Arduino 4. IoT Based Smart Grid System 5. IoT Based Smart Street Light 6. IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart

Latest Arduino Mega Project Titles 2020

Find your Final year Electrical. Electronics, Computer Science and instrumentation latest project titles for Diploma and Engineering latest titles here. 1. Wireless Black Box for Cars using Sensors & GPS module 2. Quadriplegics Wheelchair Control by Head Motion using Accelerometer 3. Health Monitoring System using 7-Segment Display

Raspberry Pi based Project Titles 2019

1. Raspberry Pi based Color identification 2. Raspberry Finger print attendance system 3. Raspberry based vegetation monitoring – Normalized Difference Vegetation index (NDVI) 4. Raspberry Pi Color Sensor with robot control 5. Raspberry Pi based braille system 5. Raspberry Pi based Sleep APNEA system 7. Raspberry Pi

IoT Latest Project Titles 2019

IoT (Internet of Things). Latest Projects Titles for Electrical and Electronics Diploma and Engineering Students. Here Iot Based Projects, Arduino Based Projects, Robotics Based Projects and Raspberry Pi based Latest Projects titles. 1. IoT GPS Location tracking and monitoring system with Android App. 2. Shock Detector with

Bluetooth HC-05 Module Details

HC-05 module is a Bluetooth module, designed for transparent wireless serial (SPP – Serial Port Protocol) connection setup. HC-05 Bluetooth Module:- HC-05 is a Bluetooth device used for wireless communication with Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphone. It communicates with microcontrollers using serial communication (USART). The HC-05 Bluetooth

Accelerometer/Gyroscope-MPU6050 Module Details

The Three Axis Acceleration + Gyro Breakout (MPU-6050) is a great motion processing module. By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-axis Motion Fusion algorithms, the MPU-6050

Flame Sensor Pin and Working Details with Arduino Uno

Flame Detection Sensor Module is sensitive to the flame, but also can detect ordinary light. The flame sensor module comes with flame sensor, adjustable digital filter for digital output and it also reserve the original analog output. So you can choose to interface it to your favourite