Voltage Controlled Oscillator-VCO-IC-566

The SE566 Function Generator is a voltage controlled oscillator of exceptional linearity with buffered square wave and triangle wave outputs. The frequency of oscillation is determined by an external resistor and capacitor and the voltage applied to the control terminal.

The oscillator can be programmed over a ten to one frequency range by proper selection of an external resistance and modulated over a ten to one range by the control voltage with exceptional linearity.
Specifications: VCO IC LM SE566:

  1. Maximum operating Voltage—26V
  2. Input voltage — 3V (P-P)
  3. Storage Temperature —65oC to + 150oC
  4.  Operating temperature— 0oC to +70oC
  5. For NE 566-55oC to +125oC for SE 566
  6. Power dissipation—300mv.


  • Tone generators.
  • Frequency shift keying
  • FM Modulators
  • clock generators
  • signal generators
  • Function generator

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