Vibration Sensor Module Details:
801S is a vibration sensor with a gold alloy plated shock sensor and an onboard comparator IC. The sensor is capable of providing real-time vibrational data along with micro shock detection and about 60,000,000 times shock guaranteed.
Specifications of the vibration sensor:
1. Voltage Input: 5V DC.
2. Analog and TTL level signal output.
3. Adjustable sensitivity.
4. Micro shock detection.
5. Gold alloy plated Shock sensor.

Pin Configuration of Sensor:
It is a 4 pin module with both analog and digital output pins.

S NO Pin Type Pin Description
1 VDD Voltage Input pin +5VDC
2 GND Ground terminal
3 D0 Digital Signal Output pin
4 A0 Analog Signal Output pin Analog Signal Output pin

3 pins Vibrator Sensor:
Those modules do not have an analog output pin for real-time vibrational output monitoring and just provide digital high and low when a threshold value is reached.

Working of 801S Vibration Sensor Module:
The vibration sensor module consists of two main chips; 801S and an LM393 comparator. The module also comes with a sensitivity adjust potentiometer to set a threshold value for the output signal.

A vibration sensor is a piezoelectric sensor. It consists of a transducer that converts mechanical energy caused by vibration or change in motion to an electrical signal output by the principle of the piezoelectric effect. The sensor can monitor the changes in acceleration, pressure, temperature, and force and convert them into electrical output.

Connecting 801S Vibration Sensor with MCU:
Connections of 801S Vibration sensor are shown in the image below. 801S is a 4-pin module having power pins along with digital and analog output pins. The VCC pin of the sensor module is to be connected to the +5V pin, the ground is connected to the ground terminal of the microcontroller. The analog pin (A0) and digital pin (D0) on the sensor module are connected to the analog and digital terminals of the microcontroller, respectively.
As mentioned earlier in the pin configuration section, there is another module of the 801S vibration sensor which has 3 pins. The module only has power pins and a digital output pin, which can be connected to the digital pin of a microcontroller.

1. Mining and metalworking industry.
2. Used in gas turbines.
3. Used to monitor shaft static displacements, unbalance response, and misalignments.

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