Many Sensor Based Projects for Engineering Students are designed to solve problems in our life. This project also serves the same purpose.

Now-a-days we hear news about accidents on Highways very frequently. And in most of the cases main reason of accident is over speed.

Although all highways do have signboards indicating maximum speed limit for the sake of driver’s safety, but still people does not obey highway speed limit.
The project mentioned here is “Speed checker and over speed detector for Highways”. This project is designed and developed by taking into consideration the problem mentioned above.

We have used two sensors in this project. These sensors detect the vehicle speed. Condition is that, the two sensors should be installed at a distance of 100 meters apart from one another.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD display) is connected to this project. This display will show the vehicle speed. It will also intimate user if vehicle speed crossed the maximum speed limit or not.

The project also has a Buzzer. Over speed condition is indicated by turning on the Buzzer and also send SMS to police.

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