The Face Recognition Based Attendance System using ESP32 with google Excel. We will be using OpenCV & Visual Studio for this application.

OpenCV is an open-sourced image processing library that is very widely used not just in industry but also in the field of research and development.

Visual Studio is an IDE made by Microsoft for different types of software development & contains completion tools, compilers, and other features to facilitate the software development process.

In this project we will learn, how to create a Face Recognition Based Attendance system using ESP32 CAM and Python. The main heavy program will be at the server-side that is our computer, or one can even use raspberry-pi as a server.
In this attendance system, we will not just detect the person but also store the information of the person detected in a Microsoft Excel File.

Moreover, the duration of time they have stayed in the frame is also recorded into an excel sheet. The tutorial also contains information about features, pins description, and the method to program ESP32 Camera Module using FTDI Module.

We will also set up the Arduino IDE for the ESP32 Camera Module. We will also upload the firmware and then work on the Face Recognition part.

The script for Face Recognition is written in the python programming language, thus we will also have to install Python and its required Libraries.

Earlier we made Fingerprint Attendance System as well as RFID Attendance System. But this is a different project that doesn’t need any biometric contact or any use of the card.

The ESP32 Camera will capture image & store the information in Excel file.

Face Recognition.
Attendance using ESP32.
Face Recognition Attendance.
Attendance using ESP32.
IoT Attendance.
IoT Attendance Proteus Simulation Soon…

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