Smart Logic Simulator is an android circuit simulator app that is dedicated to Digital electronics only.
It can create logic circuits constituted of logic gates, flip-flops and counters. It makes designing circuits easy by its handy intuitive interface.
Create amazing logic circuits consisting of logic gates, flip-flops and hardware sensors of your smartphone. There is a variety of different input and outputs, except simple ones like on screen bulb you can use the physical flashlight or vibration engine. There are also different sensors like proximity sensor, light sensor and much more. All of that gives you an opportunity to build the circuits that can, for example, turn the flashlight on when there is dark in the room
Smart Logic Simulator makes designing circuits easy by its intuitive interface. You can scale your projects quickly by using an integrated circuit feature, which allows you to pack advanced circuits into single reusable components and import them as many times as you want. Our dependencies manager will help you keep all of the integrated circuits inside just one file so you can easily share your work with your friends.
List of available components:
1. AND Gate
2. BUFFER Gate
3. NAND Gate
4. NOR Gate
5. NOT Gate
6. OR Gate
7. XOR Gate
8. XNOR Gate
9. Proximity Sensor – Measures the proximity of an object relative to the view screen of a device.
10. Charger Detector – Returns a high signal when a device is charging
11. Light Sensor – Measures the ambient light level.
12. Magnetic Field Sensor – Measures the ambient geomagnetic field.
13. Seven Segment Display
14. Seven Segment Display Decoder
15. 5X7 Led Matrix Display
16. Light Bulb
17. Flashlight
18. Speaker – generates sound with given frequency.
19. Vibration – makes your device vibrate when an input signal is high.
20. Clock (0.2Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz)
21. Pulse Button
22. Toggle Button
23. High Constant
24. Low Constant
25. Notification Component – creates a notification with a given color.
26. SR Flip-Flop
27. JK Flip-Flop
28. T Flip-Flop
29. D Flip-Flop
30. SR Latch
31. Multiplexer
Almost everything from FlipFlop to All logic gates, Seven segment LED display, clock (0.2Hz, 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz)Seven Segment Display Decoder, 5X7 Led Matrix Display, Light Bulb

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